About Us

Meet The Team

The ceremonies I conduct are a family affair. As a husband-and-wife duo who embrace and embody divine feminine and masculine energy as counterparts in their own sacred union, you really get the best of both worlds in working with us as your 5-Star Ceremonial Team.

We are based in the beautiful and lush region of Western Lower Michigan. We happily provide regular services to the Greater West Michigan area (Allegan, Ottawa, Kent & Muskegon counties). For areas outside of this region, please contact me to see if arrangements can be made.

Dana Eskes – Sacred Celebrant

As a professionally trained and accredited Sacred Celebrant of Avalon, Spiritual Civil Celebrant, and Soul Coach, Dana is a compassionate and empathetic space holder. She completed an intensive professional training program through Sacred Celebrants Academy on the Isle of Avalon in Glastonbury, Somerset UK with Priestess Dawn Kinsella in April 2023.  Sacred Celebrants Academy is accredited by IPHM; this powerful training and initiation prepared her to step into her calling/vocation as a ceremonialist.

As a Soul Coach, she has been mentored by some amazing women in the industry, including Evelyn Hale; Author, Coach, and Trauma Educator and Monika Carless; Author, Intuitive, and Mentor. Dana also studied under trauma expert Frank Anderson, MD and grief expert David Kessler.

She is also a non-denominational minister with the Universal Life Church. As such, she is not restricted to following any set rules or regulations that might coincide with those of denominational organizations. In the pursuit of holding sacred, loving space for you and your beloved(s), she seeks to embody the spirit of divine grace in right relationship with her community and peers as a trusted ceremonialist.

In her spare time, Dana is a multi-passionate individual who enjoys many hobbies and pastimes, including but not limited to: playtime with her granddaughter, cuddles with her dog named Luna Tuna, reading, flower gardening, cooking, interior design, art/craft projects, and spending time in/around the sacred space and garden that she and Jonathan have created for themselves at their home in Allendale.

Jonathan Eskes – Ceremonial Melissa

By day, Jonathan is a clinical Unit Manager at a long-term care center in Hudsonville. By night, he is a spectacular Ceremonial Melissa whose support is vital in bringing the magic of your ceremony forward.

What is a Melissa, you ask? That is an excellent question! The name Melissa has Greek origins and translates to mean “honeybee” in English. Bees hold a lot of meaning and symbolism in myths and legends of many different pantheons, particularly with those qualities of industriousness, knowledge, health, and power. In this case, a Melissa is a very important ‘worker bee’ who helps ensure that everything flows smoothly during your ceremony. Fun fact: the honey that bees produce was considered a gift and often referred to as “nectar of the gods.”

As a Ceremonial Melissa for Dana, Jonathan is finely tuned into her energy; he is savvy to her cues and knows just how to respond, usually without the need for spoken language. He is smooth, slick, and professional just like Dana. He is there at the ready to carry the torch for lighting the candles and incense (okay, it’s a lighter… but torch sounds way cooler), manage the tissues, stake the garland, pass scrolls, fill chalices… you get the idea!

In his spare time, Jonathan is also a multi-passionate individual who enjoys several hobbies and pastimes, including but not limited to: working on his custom VW Beetle, maintaining his/her daily drivers (also VW’s), grilling, flower gardening, maintaining their home/garden, relaxing on the patio, listening to music, chilling by the pool, and cuddling with Luna Tuna.

Our Mission & Values

Weaving magic into your life one ceremony at a time in honor of your cycles of love, life & loss.

As two deeply spiritual souls, we aspire to live our lives in humble service to an energetically balanced representation of the Divine (feminine and masculine). We feel called to meet our fellow souls having a human experience in the places and spaces where they find themselves with love, compassion, and grace. We seek to conduct ourselves in a way that honors not only our highest and best good, but also the highest and best good of our beautiful Mother Earth and the collective.